One More Way You Can Help Swingtown

Sign up at and let them know that people are watching Swingtown. Currently its number 11 on their "Most Active Opinions" . Lets get it back in the top 10!

Here is a couple of great guestbook entry's I wanted to share:

Ana Gomez
"I enjoy Swingtown so much because it IS something different from the regular programming. It's thought-provoking, assumption-challenging, playfully nostalgic, and whimsically amusing. It has drama, but lacks the malicious sort I find on the typical evening show. Instead, it presents situations and gives you a range of viewpoints and outcomes. It even explores the consequences of those outcomes, with an amazing lack of preaching or soap-boxing. You really don't get that on typical evening programming, which is a big part of why I don't watch much television. But I make a special effort to catch Swingtown. I'd be very disappointing to see this unique experience cut short."

Steve Gillespie
"Save The Captain"

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